Alexios V Doukas (Mourtzouphlos)

Alexios V Doukas (Mourtzouphlos)
   Emperor (q.v.) who briefly in 1204 opposed the Fourth Crusade's siege of Constantinople (qq.v.). He had been aprotovestarios under Alexios IV (qq.v.); his nickname Mourtzouphlos (Bushy-Browed) referred to his prominent shaggy eyebrows. He overthrew Alexios IV Angelos (q.v.) in a popular revolt while the Fourth Crusade threatened the city from its encampment outside the walls of Constantinople. For a few months Alexios V provided an energetic defense of the capital, but when the Crusaders gained entrance to the city by assault on April 12, Alexios fled, only to be captured, blinded, and executed some months later.

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